Kentaro Yamada

2013, Feb-

Tacit Material exhibition

In this exhibition, objects are embraced in terms of their bare material existence and the vast natural processes that come to shape them, whilst investigating in parallel how meaning and cultural value are created at the interface where natural materials and processes encounter human subjectivity.

I also involved my father who is a Japanese potter to take part in the exhibition. He performed and demostrated stoneware Chawan bowl making to the audience. The remains of this workshop were left in the exhibition becoming a part of the installation.

Installation view at RM Auckland
Installation view at RM Auckland
Relation with Tacit Material (2013)
Kentaro and Kenju Yamada, Chawan bowls (untitled), 2013, unfired and untrimmed Chawan bowls (2013)
Android on Galaxy, Earthware rocks cast from German rock with NZ clay, original rock (2013)
π (240 t./12hr flight), ongoing, (2012) 3.14m. engraved anodised aluminium. (detail view)
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