Kentaro Yamada

2019, Jun-

Everything Comes in Waves at Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is delighted to introduce the London-based Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada to the UK public.

Yamada is interested in the encounter between material history and humankind’s subjectivity. As subjective and creative beings, humans have been intuitively trying to create meanings out of our natural surroundings for millions of years.

The artist creates installations that allow viewers to experience encounters of human life and material history. He reminds us that values born out of human history provide a partial view of the world, and seeks to place this story within a broader physical context, exploring different scales from the hand-held to the cosmic and from the instantaneous to the universal.

In this exhibition, he will be presenting a combination of new and older works, including light installations, dyeline prints that he created in 2011 after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and a series of sculptural objects in an installation that connects to a larger notion of cosmic space and time.

This exhibition is curated by Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim.

Installation view at Everything Comes in Waves
Installation view - Everything Comes in Waves
Pi and Phi
Installation view - British Engine Oil, unfired clay, stone ware objects,,,
Installation view - Well travelled German stone and New Zealand stone
Installation view - whale baleen
Installation view - 200 million year old rock salt and concrete replica with added salt
Installation view - Volcanoe on cast resin table top with heated copper tubings
Installation view - Everything Comes in Waves
Installation view - Everything Comes in Waves
Artist Talk with Mark Rappolt Editor in Chief of Art Review Magazine and Art Review Asia